BHS Complete Horsemanship Volume 2: 2

BHS Complete Horsemanship Volume 2: 2

Book Title: BHS Complete Horsemanship Volume 2: 2

Author: British Horse Society

Format: Paperback | 324 pages

Publication Date: 21 Sep 2017

ISBN-13: 9781910016176

Volume 2 in our foundation series aims to develop the skills for aspiring equestrians, building on improving efficiency, depth of knowledge and understanding of equine care and management. Volume 2 introduces lungeing a horse for exercise, with practical riding skills progressing to basic show jumping. This title develops our Complete Horsemanship foundation series to include the initial principles for teaching and coaching in the industry.

A great addition to any aspiring equestrian, this book also provides the recommended reading for the British Horse Society Stage 2 qualification in horse care, riding and teaching.