Community development : A critical approach

Community development : A critical approach

Book Title: Community development : A critical approach

Author: Margaret Ledwith

Format: Paperback | 248 pages

Publication Date: 27 Apr 2011

ISBN-13: 9781847426468

Community development finds itself in times of unprecedented political, social and economic change, locally and globally, at the same time as divisions between poverty and privilege widen. Building practical approaches to theory and theoretical approaches to practice, this updated and expanded second edition of a bestselling text develops critiques of the changing context and identifies challenges faced by community development both at community level and as a collective force for a more just, equal and sustainable future.
Featuring a range of different models of community development and illustrative stories from practitioners in the field, the new edition will be essential reading for practitioners, students and educators involved in community development, youth and community work, social work, health and education.