Shake Off

Shake Off

Book Title: Shake Off

Author: Luke Jennings

Format: Paperback | 328 pages

Publication Date: 20 Jan 2011

ISBN-13: 9781846590887

Michel is an undercover PLO operative hooked on painkillers and posing as a student. He is tasked by mentor Abu Leila to find a venue for secret Palestinian-Israeli talks. But fellow student Helen, forbidden fruit in this clandestine world, is proving to be a distraction. Michel is forced to go on the run when he takes possession of a package smuggled out of the Occupied Territories and linked to an assassination in Berlin - a package that both the Israelis and the Palestinians are desperate to get hold of. From the streets of London, Cambridge and Berlin, to the remotest areas of Scotland, Michel must use his KGB training and Helen\'s help to shake off his pursuers and stay one step ahead. \'With this taut follow-up to his much-praised Sabra Zoo, Hiller recalls the cool detachment and compelling eye for the ordinary detail that characterised the early thrillers of Graham Greene.\' Reviewed by Sholto Byrnes The Independent on Sunday 30th January 2011.