Tourism and Transport : Modes, Networks and Flows

Tourism and Transport : Modes, Networks and Flows

Book Title: Tourism and Transport : Modes, Networks and Flows

Author: Fred R. David

Format: Paperback | 344 pages

Publication Date: 24 Sep 2007

ISBN-13: 9781845410636

The global growth of tourism has been matched by the significant growth in transport networks. In many ways, transport and tourism can be considered mutually dependent. Understanding the dimensions of tourism requires an understanding of how transport is governed, regulated and operated and how it subsequently facilitates tourism development. This book provides an overview of the relationships between various modes and types of transport and tourism. It views transport through various lenses, including inter-governmental regulations, national government regulation, the scope of transport networks and how this influences the shape of tourism, and the marketing and management of transport operations. The book ends with some considerations for the future of transport and tourism, including the management of environmental consequences and new forms of tourism-related transport.