Catherine the Great : Portrait of a Woman

Catherine the Great : Portrait of a Woman

Book Title: Catherine the Great : Portrait of a Woman

Author: Robert K. Massie

Format: Paperback | 656 pages

Publication Date: 14 Jul 2016

ISBN-13: 9781784975845

The extraordinary story of an obscure German princess who became one of the most powerful women in history.

Born into a minor noble family, Catherine transformed herself into empress of Russia by sheer determination. For thirty-four years, the government, foreign policy, cultural development and welfare of the Russian people were in her hands. She dealt with domestic rebellion, foreign wars and the tidal wave of political change and violence churned up by the French Revolution.

History offers few stories richer than that of Catherine the Great. Robert K. Massie brings an eternally fascinating woman together with her family, friends, ministers, generals, lovers and enemies - vividly and triumphantly to life.