Amnesty One World Calendar 2019

Amnesty One World Calendar 2019

Book Title: Amnesty One World Calendar 2019

Author: Lorraine Massey

Format: Spiral bound | 26 pages

Publication Date: 06 Sep 2018

ISBN-13: 9781780264523

Each year, the One World Calendar Group collaborates to produce this best-selling calendar. It portrays positive and inspiring images of people around the world. The photographs are taken by some of the world's leading photographers, and increasingly by photographers from the Majority World. The theme for 2019 is `Communication'.
Bestseller: over 100,000 sold worldwide each year; The original large format calendar, published annually since 1982; Unique, large landscape format presents the photographs to striking effect on your wall; Features 12 stunning images from some of the world's leading photographers; Spiral bound, 56cm wide, 2 hangers, one month to view; Dual-purpose format: `closed' format features photos and days of the month; `open' format also features appointments calendar; Promotes a cross-cultural worldview, by portraying people, especially in the developing/majority world, going about their daily lives. Not just a calendar of beautiful photographs, but educational too. Each month has a full caption explaining the photograph.