Tastes of Africa

Tastes of Africa

Book Title: Tastes of Africa

Author: Marcus Samuelsson

Format: Hardback | 192 pages

Publication Date: 01 Sep 2010

ISBN-13: 9781770078024

Africa is a continent of contrasts - not just those reflected in the grandeur of its deserts, mountains, dense forests or pristine white beaches that stretch endlessly to the horizon, but in the cultural variety of its diverse people and their impact on the totality of the continent. Anthropologists tell us that it all began in Africa. And just as Africa has given to the world, so too it has accepted - a pattern reflected in the way its people eat. In Tastes of Africa, Justice Kamanga takes you on a gastronomic safari, exploring the tastes and textures of indigenous African cuisine, as well as dishes that have been influenced or introduced by a host of foreign settlers to the continent from Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Simple in the choice of ingredients and easy to prepare, both traditional and fusion African cooking are nevertheless as intriguing in the subtle blends of flavors, colors and tantalizing aromas as the lands from which they come, where they have formed delicious and different staples for hundreds - and in some cases thousands - of years. In order for you to organize your own African-themed lunch or dinner at home, the recipes in Tastes of Africa have been traditionally grouped, including starters, fish, meat, vegetarian, side dishes, desserts and breads, and are accompanied by authentically styled, full-color photography.