The Primal Low Carb Kitchen

The Primal Low Carb Kitchen

Book Title: The Primal Low Carb Kitchen

Author: Kyndra Holley

Format: Paperback | 208 pages

Publication Date: 02 Jun 2015

ISBN-13: 9781624141195

Kyndra comes at diet from a different angle than many Paleo people. She was a low carber, lost a lot of weight counting carbs and gained a big audience. Her book is for the carb counters out there looking to go Paleo/Primal. (Paleo and Primal are becoming less distinct; the difference was primal included dairy, though dairy is largely accepted now in the Paleo community too. Neither restricts the amount of carbs, just the types of carbs.) Rapid but healthy weight loss, rather than just a healthy eating plan, is the goal. So each recipe features minimal carbs. Comfort food is usually seen as a necessary evil, something unhealthy that you can only eat once-in-a-while. But with Kyndra Holley's inventive and absolutely delicious primal and low carb recipes, you can eat your favourite comfort foods whenever you please, and still lose weight. Recipes like Chicken and Waffles, Shepard's Pie, Loaded Sweet Potato Bites and Coconut Cashew Crusted Chicken are just some examples of how Kyndra brings you the flavour of comfort food without the guilt. So whether you're Paleo, Primal, low carb or simply looking to eat more comfort food without all the bad stuff, this book will be your go-to.
You'll make healthy, tasty recipes that everyone will enjoy.