Barnaby Volume Three

Barnaby Volume Three

Book Title: Barnaby Volume Three

Author: Crockett Johnson

Format: Hardback | 374 pages

Publication Date: 27 Jun 2016

ISBN-13: 9781606998236

Vol. 3 collects the newspaper strip's postwar years of 1946â "1947, continuing five-year-old Barnaby Baxter and his Fairy Godfather J.J. Oâ (TM)Malleyâ (TM)s misadventures. Bumbling but endearing, Mr. Oâ (TM)Malley rarely gets his magic to workâ "even when he consults his Fairy Godfatherâ (TM)s Handy Pocket Guide. The true magic of Barnaby resides in its canny mix of fantasy and satire, amplified by the understated elegance of Crockett Johnsonâ (TM)s clean, spare art. In its combination of Johnsonâ (TM)s sly wit and Oâ (TM)Malleyâ (TM)s amiable windbaggery, a childâ (TM)s feeling of wonder and an adultâ (TM)s wariness, highly literate jokes and a keen eye for the ridiculous, Barnaby expanded our sense of what comics can do.