Storeys Guide to Training Horses

Storeys Guide to Training Horses

Book Title: Storeys Guide to Training Horses

Author: Gail Damerow

Format: Paperback | 512 pages

Publication Date: 02 Jul 2010

ISBN-13: 9781603425445

A well-trained horse is a pleasure to ride, confident and secure in what he has learned and eager to work with his handler. Providing a horse with a solid foundation for life-long learning - one built on positive reinforcement and focused, progressive practice sessions - is one of the best investments an owner can make in her horse. In this revised and updated edition of her best-selling book, Heather Smith Thomas helps every trainer set her horse on the proper path with training lessons that are readily adjusted to each horse's unique personality. Her techniques and methods are useful for starting any horse - children's ponies, Western trail-riding horses, English riding or jumping horses, working farm and ranch horses, and horses intended for showing or high-level competition. Frustrated owners will also find an entire chapter on retraining an animal that has acquired bad habits. "Storey's Guide to Training Horses" includes all the lessons that readers need to develop a well-trained horse - from ground work to galloping 1 and from choosing a bit to trailer training. This is the handbook that owners and riders will rely on for answers to every training question.