Austria : Travel Maps International Adventure Map

Austria : Travel Maps International Adventure Map

Book Title: Austria : Travel Maps International Adventure Map

Author: National Geographic

Format: Sheet map | 1 pages

Publication Date: 16 Oct 2013

ISBN-13: 9781566956383

- Waterproof - Tear-Resistant - Travel Map

National Geographic's Adventure Map of Austria is an invaluable tool for travelers seeking to explore the baroque architecture, quaint mountain villages, and rugged alpine terrain of this remarkable country. Cities and towns are easy to find with the map's helpful index. Motorways, highways, and other roads are clearly designated and include distance in kilometers so travelers can easily plan their best route. With specialty content to include hundreds of diverse and unique recreational, ecological, cultural, and historical destinations, this map is a perfect companion to a guidebook. World Heritage sites, wildlife parks, botanical gardens, castles, archeological sites, monuments, zoos, golf courses, and museums are clearly indicated so travelers can take advantage of Austria's many natural attractions and activities.

The western half of Austria is shown on the front side of the print map from its borders with Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany, and details the provinces of Vorarlberg, Tirol, Salzburg, and the western half of K?rnten. The reverse side covers the eastern portion of the country from its borders with Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Slovenia and includes the states of Steiermark, Ober?sterreich. Nieder?sterreich, Burgenland, Wien and the eastern half of K?rnten.

Every Adventure Map is printed on durable synthetic paper, making them waterproof, tear-resistant and tough -- capable of withstanding the rigors of international travel.

Map Scale = 1:415,000Sheet Size = 37.75" x 25.5"Folded Size = 4.25" x 9.25"