Workshop Dust Control (American Woodworker)

Workshop Dust Control (American Woodworker)

Book Title: Workshop Dust Control (American Woodworker)

Author: Sandor Nagyszalanczy

Format: Paperback | 136 pages

Publication Date: 01 Oct 2010

ISBN-13: 9781565234611

This title provides woodworkers with advice on setting up a safe workshop, whether hobbyists or professional. An important topic for all woodworkers - this presents the options for creating a healthier atmosphere. Research tells us that prolonged exposure to fine wood dust can pose a variety of health risks for woodworkers, from pesky allergies to serious nasal and lung cancers. Add the risk of workshop fires caused by wood dust and the need for a collection system becomes a top priority. With the advice and guidance inside, "Workshop Dust Control" readers can breathe easier, knowing they have found the best solution for any size workshop. From masks and vacuums to central dust collectors and air scrubbers, the options for creating a healthier atmosphere are presented by the experts from "American Woodworker Magazine", with pros and cons. And to top it off, the book offers tips for keeping a cleaner shop and dust-free tools. Whether a part-time hobbyist or a professional woodworker, the advice and techniques inside "Workshop Dust Control" will purify the air in your shop and could potentially save your life.