Housepets! Will Do It for Free

Housepets! Will Do It for Free

Book Title: Housepets! Will Do It for Free

Author: Rick Griffin

Format: Paperback | 54 pages

Publication Date: 23 Nov 2015

ISBN-13: 9781519149527

Housepets! Will Do It For Free is the sixth collection of the award-winning webcomic! Visit the mysterious and weird Gallifrax Dimension, learn the true meaning of Openermas, and laugh and learn with the Funtime Learning Hour Or So!"Read about the wrath of the mighty jungle cat!" - Jata, as his jacket explodes."This sandwich is delicious. Oh yeah and whatever you said, the book thing, that's also good enough to require the endorsement of a random woodland animal." -- Jessica"Time is up. Make your choice, mortals! (The correct choice is me)" -- Pete