The Testament Of Solomon

The Testament Of Solomon

Book Title: The Testament Of Solomon

Author: Unknown Author

Format: Paperback | 52 pages

Publication Date: 14 Aug 2015

ISBN-13: 9781516890552

The Testament of Solomon has stood the test of time and remained one of the seminole occult works of antiquity. Far predating the Lesser Keys and associated works, it dates to between the first and fifth centuries, seemingly basing part of its content on proto-judaean lore and Greek works as well. It contains, as well, an allusion to the concept, simply, "As above, so below"- one of the earlier references to such, if the earlier dating is true. It describes a host of demons encountered by King Solomon during his time spent enslaving the same, for the purposes of the building of the temple at Jerusalem. Attendant to him in his wisdom, the "Queen of the South" (presumably Egyptian) and the land of Arabia, entreating his wisdom and power to rid them of demonic forces. To any who wish to practice later works involving these same demonic entities or associated forces (such as with the Lesser Keys) this remains one of the more valuable pieces of source material; far older and potentially closer to the original story.