Follow My Heart : Risking It All for a Life in France

Follow My Heart : Risking It All for a Life in France

Book Title: Follow My Heart : Risking It All for a Life in France

Author: Janine Marsh

Format: Paperback | 324 pages

Publication Date: 04 Jun 2014

ISBN-13: 9781496053749

Do we have adventures to change our lives or do we change our lives to have adventures? When your life in middle age seems to be going downhill, and your restless heart just won't be quiet, what do you do? You move to France, but before you leap read this intimate account of a New Zealand woman's efforts to survive and thrive while doing just that. It's a cautionary tale that tells it like it is; full of passion, powerlessness, perseverance and hope. This personal journey includes a search for love and efforts to establish a new life while exploring one of the most beautiful and fascinating countries in the world. It examines French culture and difficulties faced by non-European Union immigrants. Follow Frances's journey along a life-changing path where the true destination is unknown. "I find the lengths to which you have gone to realise a dream fascinating. Although many people change countries, I don't think many do it under the risky circumstances you have found yourself in." - Warren Judd "I enjoyed this book. I kept asking myself: "How many of us have the courage to follow our hearts?" Frances is a strong person and writes an honest (at times confrontingly so) journal of her decision to do just that. From the relative comfort of the world she knows we follow her as she travels across the planet to a world she is drawn to by a deep inner desire. At times I wondered where she found the courage to continue as we follow her journey and relationships along the way. But continue she does, and by confronting the challenges she faces, she grows as a person - her own person. It is rare to find such openness from a writer about herself and the new culture she decides to embrace. From New Zealand to France, she follows her heart. Frances engaged me with her story." - Sir Robert Parker (former mayor of Christchurch, NZ) "This is probably the first honest look at the reality of living in France. Most books talk only about cheese and wine and the glamorous hype of the Parisian or Provincial lifestyle but this author candidly describes the realities and difficulties of trying to start a new life in France. What is amazing is that in spite of all her difficulties, she is determined to make a life for herself her. Her tenacity and endurance is amazing. Her writing is excellent, honest and sometimes painful to read because it is so excruciatingly true. She absolutely captures the attitudes of the French, and their foibles." - Edy Iversen This book contains numerous photographs. Photographs appearing in the paperback version are in black and white. Readers with Kindle devices capable of color will enjoy these in full color. A book for dreamers, travelers, romantics, immigrants, women, life-changers and other adventurers.