Luka Sulic/Stjepan Hauser : 2 Cellos

Luka Sulic/Stjepan Hauser : 2 Cellos

Book Title: Luka Sulic/Stjepan Hauser : 2 Cellos

Author: 2Cellos

Format: Paperback | 78 pages

Publication Date: 30 Dec 2012

ISBN-13: 9781458418012

(Cello Recorded Versions). This folio features accessible duet arrangements to 11 songs as performed by Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser rival cellists who joined forces to create unique renditions of popular songs, and became a YouTube sensation in the process. Contains these hits for advanced cello players: Fragile * Human Nature * Misirlou * Resistance * Smells like Teen Spirit * Smooth Criminal * Use Somebody * Viva La Vida * Welcome to the Jungle * Where the Streets Have No Name * With or Without You. The book includes the cello duet arrangements as well as separate pull-out sections for each cello part.