The Darkness Beyond : A Paladin Novel

The Darkness Beyond : A Paladin Novel

Book Title: The Darkness Beyond : A Paladin Novel

Author: Alexis Morgan

Format: Paperback | 384 pages

Publication Date: 07 Jul 2011

ISBN-13: 9781439176054

Between fighting the Kalith who try to invade the world and honing his hacking skills, D.J. Clayborne's life has become predictable. But lately, someone--the mysterious "Reggie"--has been breaching D.J.'s own considerable firewalls to leave him messages. And D.J. knows he must do something to keep the hidden world of the Regents and their extraordinary warriors, the Paladins, well, hidden.

Reggie Morrison is part of a federal cyber-crime unit cracking down on computer crime. Her job? To investigate the top hackers and find out how they do it. But as she looks into D.J., she finds herself admiring the way his mind works. Although he does have a hobby of breaching classified security systems, he does no real harm. But Reggie discovers that D.J. has some classified information of his own, someone will stop at nothing to keep it under wraps. When D.J. gets her SOS, he's hot on the feisty woman's trail. But when that trail crosses the barrier into Kalithia, Reggie and D.J. must fight both their mutual enemies and the powerful attraction that erupts between them.