Black Cat, Vol. 17

Black Cat, Vol. 17

Book Title: Black Cat, Vol. 17

Author: Kentaro Yabuki

Format: Paperback | 210 pages

Publication Date: 26 Nov 2009

ISBN-13: 9781421516080

Train Heartnet, also known as 'Black Cat', was an infamous assassin for a secret organization called Chronos...until he abandoned that cold-blooded existence to live on his own terms as an easygoing bounty hunter. But is Train's past as far behind him as he thinks?

The final stage of the battle begins! Now that Train and the Sweepers have reached Creed's hideout, there is no turning back. But for Train, it's not about avenging Saya's death anymore. He is risking his life to capture Creed as a member of the Sweeper Alliance.