Effective Negotiation : From Research to Results

Effective Negotiation : From Research to Results

Book Title: Effective Negotiation : From Research to Results

Author: Dianne Waddell

Format: Paperback | 275 pages

Publication Date: 14 Mar 2016

ISBN-13: 9781107578647

Effective Negotiation provides a distinctive approach to the task of reaching an agreement through negotiation. Drawing on his extensive teaching and research experience, Ray Fells describes the key elements of any negotiation - including reciprocity, trust, power and ethics - and explains the core tasks involved in reaching an agreement: information exchange, solution seeking and concession management. It covers the mediation process, negotiating on behalf of others and negotiating across cultures, as well as managing negotiations in the workplace and in the business context. This third edition has been thoroughly updated with the latest research and new practical examples, and has a greater focus on how negotiators can develop their personal skills and how, by becoming reflective practitioners, they can manage their negotiations more effectively.