Mission London : A Scavenger Hunt Adventure: (Travel Book for Kids)

Mission London : A Scavenger Hunt Adventure: (Travel Book for Kids)

Book Title: Mission London : A Scavenger Hunt Adventure: (Travel Book for Kids)

Author: Catherine Aragon

Format: Paperback | 66 pages

Publication Date: 22 Nov 2014

ISBN-13: 9780989226721

Headed to London with kids? Want to ensure your young explorers get the most out of their incredible opportunity to experience the British capital? Then you've come to the right place!

Mission London takes your young travelers through the famous sights of London, engaging them in an exciting scavenger hunt as you explore city landmarks together.

Say goodbye to a trip filled with the stress of keeping everyone entertained. Instead, say hello! to a memorable family vacation. Imagine - your kids will be excited to sightsee (yes, even at museums!) as you discover the wonders of London as a family.

Get Mission London today for your young jet-setters...and make sure it s in their bag when they take off for London!

Mission London offers a fun vacation for everyone - with a captivating, spy-theme scavenger hunt packed with entertaining activities. When your kids set off on their mission, with the goal of earning enough points to become a special agent, they ll gain points as:

-Art Sleuths: They ll search for clues in the treasures of the British Museum and National Gallery.

-Culture Detectives: They ll discover the fascinating stories behind landmarks like Tower Bridge and Parliament/Big Ben and sample British fare like fish n chips, tea, and scones.

-Monument Investigators: They ll uncover clues on the fa├žade of St. Paul s Cathedral, the statues of Westminster Abbey, and the walls of the Tower of London...and many more engaging activities.

Experiencing the British capital is an amazing opportunity for anyone, especially a young person. Make your kids trip one to remember. Get Mission London today for your young explorers...and be sure it s in their suitcase when they set off for London!

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