From Neuron to Brain

From Neuron to Brain

Book Title: From Neuron to Brain

Author: Dale Purves

Format: Hardback | 580 pages

Publication Date: 15 Jun 2012

ISBN-13: 9780878936090

The fifth edition of From Neuron and Brain has been thoroughly rewritten, with new chapters added, to provide a readable, up-to-date book for use in undergraduate, graduate, and medical school courses in neuroscience. As in previous editions, the emphasis is on experiments made by electrical recordings, molecular and cellular biological techniques, and behavioral studies on the nervous system, from simple reflexes to cognitive functions. Lines of research are followed from the inception of an idea to new findings being made in laboratories and clinics today.

A major change is that this edition begins with the anatomy and physiology of the visual system, from light receptors in the retina to the perception of images. This allows the reader to appreciate right away how nerve cells act as the building blocks for perception. Detailed mechanisms of signaling are then described in later chapters.

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