Best of Norman Rockwell

Best of Norman Rockwell

Book Title: Best of Norman Rockwell

Author: Laurence S. Cutler

Format: Hardback | 176 pages

Publication Date: 27 Sep 2005

ISBN-13: 9780762424153

Norman Rockwell's son, Tom, has put together the absolute finest collection of his father's bounteous body of work, illustrations that bespeak the golden glow of pre- and post-WWII Americana. Rockwell senior, who said he depicted life as I would like it to be," chronicled iconic visions of American life: the Thanksgiving turkey, soda fountains, ice skating on the pond, and small-town boys playing baseball-not to mention the beginning of the civil rights movement. Now, the best-selling collection of Rockwell's most beloved illustrations, organized by decade, is available in a refreshed edition. With more than 150 images-oil paintings, watercolours, and rare black-and-white sketches- this is an uncommonly faithful Rockwell treasury. The original edition has sold nearly 200,000 copies.