501 Must-See Natural Wonders

501 Must-See Natural Wonders

Book Title: 501 Must-See Natural Wonders

Author: D. Brown

Format: Paperback | 544 pages

Publication Date: 14 Oct 2013

ISBN-13: 9780753725962

Illustrated with stunning photography, this book provides realistic advice about visiting these sometimes remote corners of the world. You will find unimaginable wonders described here, from the world's most active volcano to the lake that is so deep that it would take all of the world's rivers more than a year to fill it. Split into countries, with handy side notes on each attraction, there is a marvel for everyone whether that's the world famous Grand Canyon or Great Barrier Reef or perhaps the lesser-known gems such as the Shirakami-Sanchi Forest or the hauntingly beautiful Wrangel Island. There is a wealth of wonders here to exhaust even the most intrepid of armchair travellers.