Social Semiotics

Social Semiotics

Book Title: Social Semiotics

Author: Theodoor Jacob Van Leeuwen

Format: Paperback | 296 pages

Publication Date: 15 Jan 1991

ISBN-13: 9780745603735

Social Semiotics is a major new textbook in communication and cultural studies. It offers a comprehensive and original approach to the study of the ways in which meaning is constituted in social life. Hodge and Kress begin from the assumption that signs and messages -- the subject matter of semiotics -- must always be situated within the context of social relations and processes. They then show what is involved in analysing different kinds of messages, from literary texts, TV programmes and billboards to social interactions in the family and the school. While presenting a judicious assessment of different perspectives, Hodge and Kress also develop their own distinctive and highly fruitful approach, demonstrating how semiotics can be integrated with the social analysis of power and ideology, space and time, and gender and class. Social Semiotics is richly illustrated with examples and written in a clear style which does not presuppose prior knowledge of the field. It will become a key textbook for courses in communications, media and cultural studies and will be of general interest to students of sociology, literature and linguistics.