Unstoppable Global Warming : Every 1,500 Years

Unstoppable Global Warming : Every 1,500 Years

Book Title: Unstoppable Global Warming : Every 1,500 Years

Author: Gregory Wrightstone

Format: Paperback | 304 pages

Publication Date: 01 Jan 2008

ISBN-13: 9780742551244

Singer and Avery present-in popular language supported by in-depth scientific evidence-the compelling concept that global temperatures have been rising mostly or entirely because of a natural cycle. Using historic data from two millennia of recorded history combined with the natural physical records found in ice cores, seabed sediment, cave stalagmites, and tree rings, Unstoppable Global Warming argues that the 1,500 year solar-driven cycle that has always controlled the earth's climate remains the driving force in the current warming trend. Trillions of dollars spent on reducing fossil fuel use would have no effect on today's rising temperatures. The public policy key, Singer and Avery propose, is adaptation, not fruitless attempts at prevention. Further, they offer convincing evidence that civilization's most successful eras have coincided with the cycle's warmest peaks. With the added benefit of modern technology, humanity can not only survive global climate change, but thrive.