Spell Of The Sensuous : Perceptions

Spell Of The Sensuous : Perceptions

Book Title: Spell Of The Sensuous : Perceptions

Author: David Abram

Format: Paperback | 337 pages

Publication Date: 01 May 1997

ISBN-13: 9780679776390

David Abram draws on sources as diverse as the philosophy of Merleau-Ponty, Balinese shamanism, Apache storytelling, and his own experience as an accomplished sleight-of-hand magician to reveal the subtle dependence of human cognition on the natural environment. He explores the character of perception and excavates the sensual foundations of language, which--even at its most abstract--echoes the calls and cries of the earth. On every page of this lyrical work, Abram weaves his arguments with passion and intellectual daring.
"Long awaited, revolutionary...This book ponders the violent disconnection of the body from the natural world and what this means about how we live and die in it."--Los Angeles Times