Using SQLite

Using SQLite

Book Title: Using SQLite

Author: Grant Allen

Format: Paperback | 300 pages

Publication Date: 17 Sep 2010

ISBN-13: 9780596521189

Developers, take note: databases aren't just for the IS group any more. You can build database-backed applications for the desktop, Web, embedded systems, or operating systems without linking to heavy-duty client-server databases such as Oracle and MySQL. This book shows how you to use SQLite, a small and lightweight database that you can build right into your application during development. Applications that handle data have an enormous advantage today, and with SQLite, you'll discover how to develop a database-backed application that remains manageable in size and complexity. This book guides you every step of the way. You'll get a crash course in data modeling, become familiar with SQLite's dialect of the SQL database language, and learn how you to work with SQLite using either a scripting language or a C-based language, such as C# or Objective C. Now, even relatively small and nimble applications can be a part of the data revolution. Using SQLite shows you how.