Celebrated Cases of Judge Dee

Celebrated Cases of Judge Dee

Book Title: Celebrated Cases of Judge Dee

Author: Robert van Gulik

Format: Paperback | 237 pages

Publication Date: 01 Jun 1976

ISBN-13: 9780486233376

Lone of the most celebrated historical magistrates was Judge Dee, who lived in the seventh century A.D. This book, written in the eighteenth century by a person well versed in the Chinese legal code, chronicles three of Judge Dee's most celebrated cases, interwoven to form a novel. A double murder among traveling merchants, the fatal poisoning of a bride on her wedding night, an unsolved murder in a small town under Judge Dee's jurisdiction - these are the crimes. They take Judge Dee up and down the great silk routes, through clever disguises, into ancient graveyards where he consults the spirits of the dead, and through some clever deduction.