Information Technology Law

Information Technology Law

Book Title: Information Technology Law

Author: Andrew Murray

Format: Paperback | 550 pages

Publication Date: 14 Aug 2016

ISBN-13: 9780415870160

The fifth edition of Information Technology Law continues to be dedicated to a detailed analysis of and commentary on the latest developments within this burgeoning field of law. It provides an essential read for all those interested in the interface between law and technology and the effect of new technological developments on the law. The contents have been restructured and the reordering of the chapters provides a coherent flow to the subject matter. Criminal law issues are now dealt with in two separate chapters to enable a more focused approach to content crime. The new edition contains both a significant amount of incremental change as well as substantial new material and, where possible, case studies have been used to illustrate significant issues.

In particular, new additions include:

* Social media and the criminal law;

* The impact of the decision in Google Spain and the `right to be forgotten';

* The Schrems case and the demise of the Safe Harbour agreement;

* The judicial reassessment of the proportionality of ICT surveillance powers within the UK and EU post the Madrid bombings;

* The expansion of the ICANN gTLDs and the redesigned domain name registration and dispute resolution processes.