Hope and Red

Hope and Red

Book Title: Hope and Red

Author: Jon Skovron

Format: Paperback | 544 pages

Publication Date: 28 Jun 2016

ISBN-13: 9780316268110

In the first book of this fun, action-packed fantasy trilogy, a warrior and a thief must come together to stop the forces that threaten their people. Hope's old life ended the night her entire village was massacred by the emperor's forces. Now, trained in secret by a master warrior, her new life is centered on only one goal: vengeance. Red lives by the skin of his teeth and sharpness of his wit. An expert thief and a brilliant con artist, he cares for only one thing: a good time. But when the empire's soldiers start to encroach on his territory, taking down his friends with it, he may have to re-prioritize. Together, they will take down an empire. Start reading this daring adventure that Sam Sykes called, "Furious where it needs to be, deceptively tender where it can get away with it, adventurous all around!"
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