Civil Litigation 2017-2018

Civil Litigation 2017-2018

Book Title: Civil Litigation 2017-2018

Author: Robert Abbey

Format: Paperback | 496 pages

Publication Date: 01 Sep 2017

ISBN-13: 9780198787655

Civil Litigation introduces students to the processes and procedures involved in making and defending civil litigation claims. The text is ideal for students taking the Legal Practice Course or relevant LLB or LLM modules and features case studies on both a personal injury matter and a commercial matter, making it suitable for students with either a high street or a commercial focus.

Following the chronological progression of a civil litigation claim, the book offers practical guidance on advising clients whilst ensuring that the latest principles of the SRA Handbook and Code of Conduct are maintained. This new edition includes detailed discussion of the updates to the SRA's Code of Conduct which are due to come into effect in 2017, and the Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims which is due to come into force in October 2017. Students on CILEx courses, new trainees in
practice, and paralegals will find this practical guidance of use in both their study and their work.

Innovative diagrams at the beginning of chapters clearly illustrate the litigation procedure and help students understand the nature of the process as a whole. Examples provide students with a realistic context for their learning, while issues of cost, best practice, and professional conduct are clearly highlighted. Alternative dispute resolution is given appropriate practical emphasis, and references to the Civil Procedure Rules throughout make sure that students are ready for life in