The Sharks of North America

The Sharks of North America

Book Title: The Sharks of North America

Author: Gene S. Helfman

Format: Hardback | 640 pages

Publication Date: 25 Aug 2011

ISBN-13: 9780195392944

The Sharks of North America is a reference work that will serve as the standard work on sharks for the twenty-first century. This book covers the entire body of knowledge about each North American species, and dispels the numerous myths found in the scientific and popular literatures. The text covers all the 140 species known from North America, and includes a few extra-limital species from adjacent areas to complete the accounts of some families and to
increase the area where this book can be used to identify sharks. Each species is illustrated with an anatomically correct, coloration-correct drawing, and outlines of the snout shape and teeth. This book will be the primary reference of anyone interested in sharks: from laymen and fishermen to biologists and