The Turn of the Screw

The Turn of the Screw

Book Title: The Turn of the Screw

Author: Carol Ann Duffy

Format: Paperback | 176 pages

Publication Date: 27 Sep 2011

ISBN-13: 9780141441351

'A most wonderful, lurid, poisonous little tale' Oscar Wilde

The Turn of the Screw, James's great masterpiece of haunting atmosphere and unbearable tension, tells of a young governess sent to a country house to take charge of two orphans, Miles and Flora. Unsettled by a dark foreboding of menace within the house, she soon comes to believe that something, or someone, malevolent is stalking the children in her care. Is the threat to her young charges really a malign and ghostly presence, or a manifestation of something else entirely?

Edited and with an Introduction and Notes by David Bromwich
Series Editor: Philip Horne