Soul Food

Soul Food

Book Title: Soul Food

Author: Elisa Davy Pearmain

Format: Paperback | 368 pages

Publication Date: 12 Feb 2010

ISBN-13: 9780062514424

Jack Kornfield and Christina Feldman serve up a delicious banquet of wise tales from the world's greatest spiritual traditions in the pages of this delightful collection. A feast filled with timeless moral and spiritual lessons, these lively stories and inspiring parables from great faiths East and West offer glimpses of revelation, examples of virtue and moments of truth that will sustain you on the path to a more spiritual life.

Jack Kornfield, the bestselling author of several books, including "A Path with Heart" and "Buddha's Little Instruction Book," is a founder of the Spirit Rock Meditation Center. Christina Feldman is the author of "Woman Awake" and, like Kornfield, is an internationally recognized Buddhist teacher who leads spiritual retreats around the world.

"All of these stories are gems -- there are Zen gems, Chassidic gems, Christian gems, Sufi gems, Native American gems -- diamond wisdom from all traditions and all ages for us to take up with reverence and respect from time to time over the course of our lives and perhaps to share with others... "Soul Food" offers us a bountiful menu. Many lives will be immeasurably enriched by its fare." --from the foreword by Jon Kabat-Zinn, author of "Wherever You Go, There You Are"