Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette

Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette

Book Title: Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette

Author: Meg Keene

Format: Hardback | 400 pages

Publication Date: 30 Jan 2014

ISBN-13: 9780062326102

Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette is the classic indispensable, comprehensive guide to creating the wedding of your dream, now in its sixth edition. Today's weddings are more complicated than ever, with new traditions replacing old, and new relationships to consider as family life grows more complex. Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette has everything a bride will ever need to know to have the perfect wedding. Anna Post guides brides and their friends and family through weddings to maximize fun and reduce stress, including: * How to handle awkward family situations * How to address envelopes and word invitations * How to choose an officiant * How to blend family traditions * The timeline of events throughout the engagement and during the wedding * Who to include on your guest list * How to use technology to your advantage